Memorial Room

We are all OneFamily. When a terrorist attack is launched, it violently shocks everyone who is in the vicinity of the crime as well as every family member and friend of those attacked. People who don’t survive the attack leave behind their personal legacies for family and friends to remember them. Some lived long lives and others were brutally cut off at a very young age.

The Memorial section of this website is dedicated to the memories of all the people who have been taken away from us. It contains profiles on every victim murdered since September 2000, as well as a collection of stories written by OneFamily staff, close family members, or friends, that enable us to ‘get to know’ a little about their lives and their legacies. These short tributes strive to help us remember that the victims are people with interesting personalities and histories — much more than a mere statistic.

Please view the profiles of all those murdered in anti-Israel terrorist attacks since 2000 and submit a memorial message below. Thank you.

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