Adele Chaya Biton

February 17 2015:  Adele Chaya Biton, 4, of Yakir, who suffered traumatic brain damage when the car driven by her mother was struck by a barrage of stones on March 2013, died of respiratory complications.


On March 14 2013, Adva Briton was driving on the Trans-Samaria Highway, taking her three youngest daughters home from a visit to their grandmother’s house. A barrage of stones thrown by Palestinian youths at passing vehicles caused the family car to crash into a truck. All four passengers in the car were wounded. Adva and the four and five-year-old girls Avigail and Naama were lightly to moderately injured. The youngest daughter, Adele, was critically injured, and remained in intensive care for months due to traumatic brain damage. At the end of May 2013,

Adele was transferred in a semi comatose state to the Beit Levinstein Rehabilitation Hospital in RA’anana, where she remained partially conscious.

Adele died on February 17, 2015 at Shneider Children’s Hospital in Petah Tikva after developing respiratory complications from a lung infection.

OneFamily, which was with Chaya throughout, continues to support the family providing emotional and legal assistance. Adva, who has a PhD in Chemistry and lectures at a number of colleges, stopped working altogether. Adele’s father, Rafi, a train engineer at the Israel Railroad Association, returned to work a few hours a day.

While Adelle was in the hospital, OneFamily made sure that they received hot meals at least once a day. We maintained a combination of volunteers around the clock available for  Adele, including private nurses – so that her parents could leave if they need to. We purchased a tape recorder which played songs and recordings for Adele.

Adva is receiving psychological treatment from Yonatan Amit, the OneFamily psychologist. And he meets her in her home or at Beit Levenstein if she cannot go to the Beit Cham.

And when she came to receive treatment – the National Service Volunteers sat with Adele to read stories and spoke to her.On Shabbats, OneFamily organized for the entire Biton family is hosted by families in Ranana. We supported the family in their legal battle to keep Adelle in rehabilitation until their home was ready to support her therapeutic needs.


We are in touch with them always, trying to be there for every request and need that they have – helping them in everything that they need.Muawaiya Qabha, the Arab medic who saved Adele on the night of the attack, eulogized her, saying: “Words cannot explain the pain I feel and tears are choking my threat. How could a superhero be defeated? Its just not possible.”

Adele was buried in Yakir. She is survived by her parents, Rafi and Avda, her sisters Avigail and Naama, and baby brother.