Personal Stories

Introduction and general explanation of what happens to families during rocket attacks in the South. This describes generally every family – but particularly victims of terror.

The radio and TV is constantly on in the background, always listening to the news, war is upon us… The alerts go on and on. Our children are in such state of hysteria that they literally shake. Some kids refuse to leave the shelters, some families don’t have a shelter in their apartments and have to go down stairs (often a few floors)! After alerts, children sleep in their parents’ bedrooms, they ask questions about death… nights turn into sleepless nights. The children who were dreaming of going to camp, of wide open spaces, and air are disappointed that we had to postpone.

Children are stuck at home, they are bored, tense and fighting. If families have a computer the children fight to get a turn on it. Parents try to keep their children occupied and calm but that’s a very hard task when they themselves are under so much pressure and stress.

The families are craving to escape even for one night of this terrible situation. They dream of a safe place, where they can relax, where their children are having fun, swimming, being kids, etc.. They They need to recharge their batteries so that when they go home they can face their reality with strength and courage.

Cohen Family, Ashkelon

Pnina 42, mother of 4, was injured during Operation Pillar of Defense (November 2012). She broke her ankle and has undergone many surgeries. Her apartment is on the third floor without an elevator. Her husband suffers from mental health problems and doesn’t work. She was the only income provider. They have an emotionally disabled son who is 11 years old. Pnina was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The family needs to get away and breathe! They don’t own a car. We would like to give them a vacation, to enable them to recuperate. To sleep without being woken up by sirens. To just relax and receive help to cope.

Levy Family, Ashkelon

Moshe is 16 years old. In 2008, a grad missile flew over his head and fell next to him. Before the attack, Moshe was an active and independent child full of humor. Moshe is now 30% disabled, he suffers from severe anxiety, nightmares, migraines, and bed wetting. He sleeps in his parents bed with his mother whilst his father is sleeping in his younger brother’s room. Moshe is too scared to leave the house by himself. The family has no car and therefore cannot get away.

Going away for this family means: parents will be able to sleep in their own bed without Moshe presence. The whole family will be able to have quiet nights. The family will be able to go to the pool (which they can’t afford back home). Moshe who is glued to his mother will be able to interact with more children in a carefree environment.

Timmy Family, Sderot

Colette 51, married with 4 children was very seriously injured in 2007 when a Rocket hit her home.The ceiling collapsed on Colette and she got injuries from shrapnel and suffered burns all over her body. She has been hospitalized frequently and had several surgeries. Since then she’s been suffering from severe depression with suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide. She barely leaves her home.

A vacation for Colette and her children would be a dream, a dream of being a “normal” family going on holiday once a year, unfortunately since 2007 Colette and her family have only been on 2 mini breaks, both time with OneFamily.

Ben Chaim Family

Hanna, mother of 2 girls and widow of Jacob z”l. In 2008, during Operation Cast Lead, Jacob was injured while walking home in the evening with his wife. A rocket fell near them. He was an esteemed teacher, he was diagnosed with PTSD, social security classified him with 50% mental disability. Over the years every alarm made him jump. Two years ago during the night he got a heart attack and died. Hanna received the status of “missile widow”. All the alarms from the last weeks have brought her back to 6 years ago… She wishes she could escape and see “something else”. At the moment she won’t leave her daughters for one minute, going on a “safe” vacation will give them all the space and peace they so long for.

Lochnanov Family, Sderot

Pori, mother of 2, widow of Moshe z”l. Moshe was killed in a missile hit the chicken factory where he worked in Sderot in November 2006. Pori managed to stabilize her life and work (she works next door to where her husband got killed) but since the missile attacks she has gone into panic mode and is too afraid to leave her home. Going to a resort will provide her and her children a much needed break, she will meet other victims of terror, hear their stories, we will help her regain her self-confidence. She will have time to relax and enjoy life without fear.

Schwatz Family, Ashdod

Chanan 34, married with 2 children. Chanan got seriously injured whilst walking down the street when a rocket fell near him. In the same attack a woman was killed and another 3 people were seriously injured, they were all in intensive care for approximately 3 months. Chanan who lived in  France until one month before the incident, rehabilitated himself, he got married and has now 2 children (15 months and two months old). Every alarm brings back terror and bad memories from the past. He has no were to escape. His family lives in France. Chanan hasn’t had any holiday’s since he got injured, now would be the perfect opportunity to escape the alarms and falling missiles. He is craving normality with his wife and 2 children. OneFamily has been his family since the attack.