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Project Overview
OneFamily facilites mutliple specialized programs designed to rebuilds focused bereavement or injury. We invite you to learn more about sponsoring meetings, celebrations, retreats, and workshops.
Project Description

Retreats: OneFamily provides healing retreats to empower terror victims to deal with the day-to-day management of their psychological and physical injuries with renewed energy and hope. The retreats include victim-to-victim support and intensive therapy over a short period of time. Special retreats are held for widows and widowers, bereaved parents, and wounded victims.

Workshops: OneFamily invites victims who are having the most difficulty dealing with the trauma of terrorism to take part in ongoing intensive therapy workshops. These workshops last three days and employ professionals in various types of therapy, in order to empower victims on their journey toward recovery.

Support Groups: OneFamily facilitates regional support groups across Israel for widows, bereaved parents, and children who have lost siblings. Each group includes 15-20 victims. Initially, meetings are conducted by a therapist, but as the groups progress, victims self-direct sessions for victim-to-victim support with the therapist available in cases of emergent need.

Youth Division Camps: No one can “understand” what a child experiences when their family is bereaved, injured, and broken by terror. Each year, OneFamily runs three camps hosting 350 children and youth, aged 6 to 18 years old. The children have an opportunity to heal in an environment where everyone understands because everyone is a victim of terror. These OneFamily camps are a critical turning point in creating a better, more positive and promising future for each child. Our camp programs are structured to achieve a special balance between laughter, release, and healing on the one hand – and sharing, supporting, and processing pain on the other hand. These goals are achieved with the warmth and intimacy that has become OneFamily’s hallmark. Our camps enable the children to be themselves, to open up, to deal with their pain, and to emerge from the experience into a more complete life, revitalized with the strength to face their reality and to excel in the months ahead. Invest in the future of young victims of terror.

Big Brothers and Sisters Program: When a child loses a brother, a sister, or a parent – the pain and trauma is excruciating. OneFamily pairs teens who have been victimized by terror with older teens or young adults, some of whom were themselves victimized in similar circumstances, to help fill part of the void left behind. We host regional and national Big Brother events bringing together scores of Big Brother and Sister pairs to share and heal together, and to empower young victims of terror to adjust to their circumstances and to continue with their lives.

Young Adults Projects: Young Adults aged 18-30 who have been harmed by terrorism have unique needs. OneFamily’s Young Adults Division currently works closely with 450 of them, including 60 who are physically disabled as a result of their injuries. The Young Adults Division operates on a number of therapeutic levels, including personal counseling, emotional therapy, support groups, guidance in education, direction in choosing a profession and achieving their professional goals, and social programs.

Young Adults Therapeutic Retreats: OneFamily brings young adults on therapeutic retreats in northern or southern Israel twice a year. The retreats include activities meant to create social and therapeutic depth and enrichment in indirect and very direct ways. These activities deepen their ability to make personal connections, sub-consciously process significant occurrences, and access their inner worlds through experiential methods. Such activities include ODT sessions, cooking and movement workshops, hydrotherapy sessions, drama therapy, phototherapy and touch workshops.

Young Adults Employment Support: In partnership with Israel’s Employment Service, manpower companies, and other parties who specialize in employment coaching and building personal connections, OneFamily empowers many victims to gain the motivation and will-power necessary to ensure their successful employment, and even help them find new jobs where necessary. OneFamily is continually developing employment programs for various groups of Young Adults throughout the country.

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